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Created in July 2001, GENINDEXE , private company with a capital of 143500€, based in LA ROCHELLE, FRANCE, offers a wide range of services to the majority of the actors of the animal breeding sector and to the consumers, as regards traceability, quality or security.

Within a state-of-the-art laboratory, our team of geneticists, managed by Doctor Cherbonnel, develops animal (terrestrials and maritime animals) and vegetal genetic analysis methods which meet the needs of both professionals and individuals.


Organization Chart

Philippe MARCILLAUD: President, Doctor in Veterinary Sciences, MA in Business Law

Corinne CHERBONNEL: Scientific Director. Doctor in Genetics. Specialist in Biology Engineering


Emilie SALOMON: Laboratory technician – in charge of Bovine analysis,

Alexandra BIAIS: Laboratory technician – in charge of Canine and Feline analysis,

Olivier YVERNOGEAU: Quality Director and Laboratory technician – in charge of Bird analysis,

Isabelle NOEL: Secretary


Ludivine JAULIN: Administrative and Business Secretary

Isabelle MAHE: Accountant


Our activity:

·         Chromosomal analysis: karyotypes, chromosomal anomaly tests

·         Genome analysis: DNA bird sexing, DNA storage, genetic prints

·         Genetic analysis: genetic typing of sheep Scrapie disease, prediction of possible sensitivity to diseases, research of specific genes,…

Numerous awards testify of Genindexe’s care to satisfy its customers

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