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PrP Scrapie Test
Scrapie is one of several transmissible spongiform encephalopathies.
This disease is linked to an alteration of conformity in PrP protein.

Genindexe identifies and characterizes the gene variants from PrP protein : ARQ, VRQ, AHQ, ARR, ARH, from a simple blood sample, thanks to SNP technic.

ARR allele being clearly associated to the resistance of the scrapie and VRQ allele to a sensitivity.
Resistance degree according to the genotype :

 Typage :





Resistance degree :


 Enough resistant


 Very Sensitive


In order to make sure the durability of our analysis, DNA is kept for several years at -20°C (-4°F) which ensures:

·        Irrefutable identification of the animal’s genotype

·        The possibility of further tests without the need of more samplings·

How to proceed :


We will provide a sampling kit composed of needles, needle holders, EDTA collection tubes, tube holders.


Please do not forget to note the following informations :

-         postal address, phone and fax number

-         payment and billing address

-         the address where you want the results to be sent to

-         what you need : results sent by email, or by post


Then just send us back the blood samples in the EDTA collection tubes (purple cap) along with the official sampling forms written by DGAL services, then Genindexe will take care of everything.

You will receive a Certificate of Analysis for your results in 5 or 10 days after reception of the blood samples at the lab.

Bovine : 
Lineage Control : Since August 2004, GENINDEXE is agreed by the ministry of agriculture to realize the tests of bovine filiation (Bovine Registry office(Civil status)). This analyse is realized in order to certify the ancestry through samples of blood of the father, the mother and the calf.  

Génotypage MH (Gène Culard) : To the cattle, the presence of the said " culard " character, is translated by important modifications of conformation and composition of the carcass. The caracteristics of meat are too modified but in a variable way following muscles. The predisposition of a bovine to possess a double muscle structure comes from the absence at the level of the muscular cells of a growth factor called the myostatine. Nine different transformations can provoke a truncated or not functional protein thus inactive what pulls a culard phenotype.

Screening of the beta-mannosidase : The β-mannosidose is a lysosomiale disease provoked by a deficit in ß-mannosidase. This disease provokes grave neurodegenerative confusions at the Man, Goats and the Cattle France, this disease gets more particularly the race Salers. A genetic test allows to detect the carrier animals of the genetic abnormality.

Sreening of Free Martinisme :  The free martinisme is an abnormality frequents at the cattle during gemellairs heterosexual births. It is translated by an infertility of the female due to an abnormal development of its reproductive system. The technique of PCR is a technique of choice of the diagnosis of the free martinism because of its speed, of its sensibility and of its specificity.

- Porcine :
 "Halothane" test: Thanks to this test, the porcine industry was so able to reduce the incidence of the syndrome of sensibility to the stress and the number of the births of animals the meat of which leaves something to be desired because it is pale, flask, soaked with water and because it hardens during the slaughter.

These two defects are caused by the same gene: the HAL gene of sensibility in the halothane, today identified as being the gene of the receiver in the ryanodine (ryr1).

RN Test : Discovered in 1986, the RN gene has an important effect on the return in the cooking of the pork. Its considerable effect on the potential glycolytique muscular and thus the ultimate pH in the meat is well established today.
Genindexe detects the transfers in the gene RN to pigs at the level of codons 199 and 200.



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