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Law relating to Computers, files and Liberties

6 January 1978

According to the law of January 6 1978 relating to computers, files and liberties, you are granted the right to access and/or modify personal information detained by GENINDEXE.FR. You are entitled to ask for your personal information to be modified or deleted by simply sending your request by email to  contact@genindexe.com. You  may therefore ask for any personal data (inaccurate, incomplete, equivocal, outdated information or for which you refuse any use or transmission),  to be irrevocably changed, completed, updated or deleted.

Law relating to Communication

1 August 2000 (modifying 3 sept. 1986 law)

The website www.genindexe.fr is the property of GENINDEXE.

This website is hosted and insured by CYBERSCOPE (www.cyberscope.fr) 556 Avenue de Limoges BP3 - 79001 Niort Cedex.


Personal data gathering

According to Law relating to Computers, files and Liberties (6 January 1978), no nominative data collected through forms  on www.genindexe.fr could in any case (free of charge or against payment) be transmitted to any individual or corporation.


Property Rights


All the elements of this website (trademarks, domain names, texts, graphic designs, logos, sounds, photos and animations), apart from elements coming from partners of GENIDEXE, are the exclusive property of the editors.


Legal protection of the website www.genindexe.fr derives from French and international laws concerning property rights.


Therefore, any copying, editing, diffusion of parts or the entire website, of its present or future contents , on any type of media, is forbidden. Exceptional permission might be awarded in advance upon request.

Not respecting the above conditions is an act of counterfeit liable to legal prosecution.

 Databases are equally protected. Therefore, any exerpt or quote is liable to lead to legal action.




Genindexe allows any other website to create hyperlinks pointing to WWW.GENINDEXE.FR


This authorization stands for any website, except for websites advocating political, religious, pornographic, xenophobic contents or which detract from people’s feelings.

Genindexe.fr reserves the right to legal action in these conditions.

Moreover, in the event of adding a hyperlink pointing to www.genindexe.fr on a third party website, this website will be awarded the right to reproduce our logo in the precise limits of the simple indexing of www.genindexe.fr .

In this respect, genindexe.fr graphic guidelines must be used.

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