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                                                                            List and prices DNA tests    
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 -Genetic identification card : -Recognized by the french kannel club, ISAG Result  
-Colortests :  -Produce puppy with a color recognized in breed standard 
-Genetic disease screening (per breed ):

Anomality of the eye of the Collie AOC/CEA,
Nocturn cecity 
  CSNB   ,
Progressive Atrophy of the retina  Specific PRA ,
Hereditary caract  HSF4   , 

Multi Drug Resistance  MDR1  / More information on MDR1...
Disease of skin and muquous membrane EBJ   , Cystinury CYST
Exercice Induced Collapse  EIC ,
Centronucleaire Myopathy  CNM  , 
Leucocyte Deficiency CLAD   , Enzymatic deficit   PK, PFK 
Krabbe   , Wilson  (Copper toxicosis)

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