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GENINDEXE, your specialist of animal genetic, is the only french laboratory who propose genetic tests for so much animals : bovine, porcine, fishes (atlantic salmon, trouts fario...), oysters, shrimps, gazelles, giraffes, partridge, iguanas and quite recently ferrets!

- Fishes :
Fish Farming :  Within the framework of a partnership with the IFREMER, GENINDEXE realize studies on genetic variety on populations of fishes as ombrines, salmons and trouts fario. The laboratory try at present to set up analyses for the Turbot, the Trout Rainbow, the Bar and the Sea bream.

Ready-made meal with fish:
GENINDEXE is henceforth capable of determining if a ready-made meal contains only the food indicated on the packaging. This test is at present available for dishes with Cod and with Scallop but GENINDEXE is at your disposal to to work out it on the other ready-made meal.

- Oysters : Further to the increase of the mortality of hollow oysters arisen during the summer, 2008, IFREMER transferred to GENINDEXE the technology to detect pathogenic 3 susceptible to be involved in these mortalities: Herpès virus (OsHV1), Vibrio aesturianus et Vibrio splendidus. GENINDEXE developed a test for the screening of pathogenic one additional (Vibrio harveyi). + informations and prices

- Shrimps : Identification of different origins used in shrimps farming to help in the selection of the breeders and screening of virus.

- Gazelles : Evaluation of the rate of consanguinity and constitution of a family tree.

- Giraffes : Evaluation of the rate of consanguinity and phylogenetic study.

- Partridge: Evaluation of the Rate of hybridization between red partridge and partridge Asian choukar

- Iguanas : Identification of hybrids between 2 species.

- Ferrets : Genetic identification and lineage control.

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