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Further to numerous requests of our breeders, Genindexe decided to realize the ID free Card for every new identification demanded ! This ID Card present same information as the analysis report. Small size (as the Identity card for human), and practice to be transported everywhere you need it ! This service is free and at your disposal on demand without changing price

MDR1 Patent
Since the 18th November 2009 and to respect the European legislation in patent, the MDR1 test is realized by our European partner who owns the property to make this test. This action engendered an additional cost, and we must modify the price for this test. For more more information, please consult our current price list.
(dogs prices ).

Mouth sampling - Buccal Swab
We noticed that even more buccal swab are not sufficient or bad care collection and this lead to impossibility to obtain and give a result. In order to avoid to recollect samplings again and to have to pay again, we insist on the fact to have a good sampling.
To obtain a good quality sampling, we need to have enough cells of the oral mucous membrane, (saliva does not contain DNA), that means, firmly rotate the brush inside the mouth between the gum and the cheek at least 20 times. (instruction for use on the sample DNA collection form)

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy for cats
Genindexe is happy to announce you the creation of a mondial group of research for the HCM test on cats. This group named  "HCM Consortium"  coordinated by Dr Leslie Lyons of the Californian University of Davis. The participating laboratories collected samplings from affected by HCM cats. If you are in this situation, don’t hesitate to contact us !

Indead, the Dr Meurs’ team has not identified the causale clause mutation in the concerned genes in this type of disease.  It is thus necessary to pursue the researches. (Article appeared in the magazine "L'Essentiel") NEWS_HCM_CHAT.pdf.

Food for Birds  
Doctor Claire Grosset, spécialist of NAC, clearly explain the most common errors to be avoi to feel well your favorite animal. (article appeared in the magazine "l'Essentiel"). Nutrition_Psittacides.pdf.

Further to numerous requests of our breeders met on expositions, GENINDEXE is proud to announce you that, within the framework of a partnership with LABOKLIN, new DNA tests are available.
GENINDEXE being subjected to the same quality standard ISO17025, both laboratories decided to exchange their knowledges to satisfy better the German and French breeders.This partnership has been officialized after a serie of inter-laboratories tests  intended to validate the procedures of respective analyses.

DNA tests available in this partnership:      ( Public Price 80 € TTC - Club 70 € TTC )

Pyruvate Kinase  Déficit  ( PK Déf. )

/ Race Abyssin et Somali



Progressive  Atrophy of the Retina (APR )

/ Race Abyssin et Somali



Hypertrophic  Cardiomyopathy ( HCMC  )

/ Ragdoll



Procedure :
For the realization of the tests in partnership with LABOKLIN and to obtain your free DNA collection kits, you just have to contact us by phone, fax or mail  and to give us your address for us to send you the number of sample you need.

The DNA sample MUST be collected by a veterinarian, he is also the only one that must fill out the DNA collection form and check the tattoo and the number of the chip, the pedigree number, the name, sex, etc… of each animal.
The results are available 2 weeks following the sample reception at the lab.

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